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Cyndx 3.0 Makes it Even Easier to Quickly Find the Next Unicorn

Cyndx, the leading investment search and discovery tool, today announced the launch of Cyndx 3.0 to incorporate precision filtering and collaborative toolkits into the world’s most comprehensive investment search platform.   Using artificial intelligence and semantic processing, Cyndx analyzes textual data from more than 7.3 million companies and 1.4 million...Read More »

Cyndx CEO discusses IPO market for Lyft, Pinterest, and Zoom

Cyndx CEO, Jim McVeigh, joined Liz Claman on Fox Business News to discuss the current IPO market. Liz and Jim discussed the position of Lyft on the stock market and the longterm stock movement and momentum, rather than the short-term price fluctuations. From here, the two discussed the upcoming Pinterest and Zoom...Read More »

What Investors Should Expect from a Lyft IPO

In light of the expected wave of tech IPOs in the coming months, Cyndx CEO Jim McVeigh joined CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss the implications of a Lyft IPO. Listen to Jim outline the backdrop of the industry for Lyft, the potential for investors, and the transformation from a traditional to...Read More »

Cyndx Congratulates Finalists Selected in SXSW Pitch

We would like to publicly congratulate all 50 finalists chosen to compete in this year’s SXSW Pitch Presented by Cyndx (formerly SXSW Accelerator) March 9-10 in Austin, Texas.

  For SXSW’s eleventh year of the Pitch event, Cyndx CEO, Jim McVeigh, will be one of the panel judges for the Entertainment &...Read More »

Media and Advertising Could Be Rocked by some Big Deals in 2019 - Business Insider

Cyndx CEO shares insights on how small players can compete in current markets

Learn more about how the media and advertising space is on the verge of large deals, including Comcast buying Cheddar and Netflix buying Snap, and the insights of Cyndx CEO, Jim McVeigh, on the need for smaller players...Read More »

Utilizing Data to Connect Investors and Opportunities


Cyndx CEO discusses the benefits for traditional banking in harnessing big data

Listen to Cyndx CEO @James McVeigh speak to Bloomberg about harnessing data to connect the right opportunities to investors and companies. During the podcast, hear how an experienced banker views the current M&A market and how he believes the...Read More »

Disruption of Traditional Investment Banking Model & M&A Outlook - Yahoo Finance

Cyndx CEO discusses the utility of AI to empower M&A activities

Watch our CEO, James McVeigh, discuss the power in harnessing Artificial Learning to facilitate M&A activities and capital raises. In the video, Jim discusses the outlook of M&A in the...Read More »

Cyndx to Sponsor Eleventh SXSW Pitch Event - PR Newswire

Cyndx CEO will judge entertainment and content category of the 2019 SXSW Pitch Event

  Cyndx, an advanced investment search platform for companies, will be the sponsor of the eleventh SXSW Pitch Event in Austin, Texas, March 2019. Contestants competing will receive a complimentary subscription to the...Read More »

Cyndx Announces Investment by Rakuten Capital

Funding to accelerate product development and support global expansion

NEW YORK, NY – Cyndx Holdings LLC (“Cyndx”) today announced that Rakuten Capital, the investment arm of global innovation leader Rakuten, Inc., headquartered in Tokyo, is making an investment into Cyndx and its subsidiaries, Cyndx Networks LLC and CDX Advisors LLC. The investment...Read More »

CyndX named one of the most influential FinTech companies of 2018

CyndX: An Influential FinTech Company of 2018 

Financial Technology (FinTech) describes the use of innovative technologies, deep learning, and big data to make an impact in the financial sector. The rapid emergence of FinTech has led to the ‘modernization’ and reorganization of the economic bedrock. CyndX is an example of...Read More »

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