The Most Complete Investment Search + Discovery  Platform


The largest source of private and public company coverage, tracking close to 8 million companies

The only investor matching tool to connect you with the right investors everytime

Incorporates your CRM data for precisely tailored search

See everything and miss nothing with Cyndx

We analyze millions of rounds of funding and track over
7.3 million companies to ensure you have the most comprehensive and
data-driven search results









Cyndx is a collaboration among seasoned investment bankers and data scientists with decades of experience.


Together, we have built an investment search platform that utilizes predictive analytics to power
M&A investment activity and capital raising.

Leveraging AI and advanced semantic processing technology makes it faster and easier for investors and companies
seeking capital and investment opportunities
to find each other.

Cyndx Addresses Key Customer Challenges


Time Consuming

Ability to share within organizations

Ability to get the attention of corporate resources

Limited investor data

Difficult to access

Limited Rolodex and
global access to capital

Security and Privacy


Management distraction

Productivity and job satisfaction of junior resources


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The Cyndx Solution for all Investment Professionals


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The Best Way to Start Every Company Search

  • Identifies and curates the most complete industries and targets
  • Target results based on parameters or requests
  • Amplify scope through company and concept research
  • Export files for deeper analysis into spreadsheets and CRM
  • Access contacts for all companies

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The Most Efficient Way to Search Investors

  • Identify most appropriate investors for your capital raise
  • Intelligently research investors and their portfolio of investments
  • Access contacts, manage and track investor outreach
  • Expedite the capital raise process

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Cloud-Based Capital
Table Management

  • Control your company’s capitalization efficiently
  • Store and manage corporate documentation
  • Understand hypothetical financing scenarios
  • Distribute, track, and control equity movement
  • Be capital ready

Cyndx Insights


Cyndx Insights is your daily window to the business world, focusing primarily on
M&A activities, capital markets, and important technology trends.

Stay up to date with the latest market analysis, M&A deals,
funding rounds, and product launches with
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Cyndx Team


Cyndx enables financial transactions through software. We don’t simply connect companies with capital, we foster relationships between businesses and investors based on data-driven metrics and algorithms that predict success. 

We are a low-maintenance, high-performance team. Independence and autonomy is the norm. Our headquarters is located in New York with a satellite office in Santa Monica, where our team of engineers, designers, and product managers collaborate to build the future of capital raising and M&A.

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