Curated Intelligence for Financial Institutions

Cyndx Networks is a secure cloud-based platform enabling financial institutions to obtain curated information about institutional investors to enhance their capital and strategic advisory marketing efforts.
  • Deep Data Matching
  • Flexible Dealflow
  • Secure Document Sharing
  • Robust Deal Teams
  • Robust Profile Database

Cyndx Networks allows financial institutions to algorithmically identify and rank those investors most likely to demonstrate interest in a given transaction based on historical and anecdotal data.

Each successive transaction provides critical data points for the algorithm to identify future potential investors. Networks provides a single source for access to diligence materials and investor communications.

Deep data

Deep Data Matching

Combining advanced analytics, Machine Learning and the knowledge of seasoned financial professionals Networks presents deal teams with a tailored subset of suggested parties to a transaction


Flexible Dealflow

Networks Infrastructure is designed to facilitate any type of financial transaction providing the same degree of transparency and security regardless of type.

Doc share

Secure Document Sharing

Networks uses bank level encryption and enterprise graderetention procedures to ensure customer information is secure from unauthorized access,inadvertent transmission and destruction due to system failure.

Deep data

Robust Deal Teams

Networks Infrastructure affords multiple users accessing the site simultaneously to fosterdeal collaboration so all relevant parties can work together.

Deep data

Robust Profile Database

Our database of investors ranges from Family Offices to VCs, PE, Sovereigns and Corporates. We collect the info so you don't have to.

Investor's Data Investor traits
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